Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Team Ichiban 2019 giving me a glimpse #MemorialWeekendShowdown

This was my first chance to get a real good look at Ichiban 2019 and although I'm familiar with several of the players because I've watched them the past couple of seasons, either in tournaments or camps I had a chance to cover, one thing is for certain, every time I see these youngstas, they're improving which leads me to believe they're working on their games.

Jordan McGee and Mikayla Hutchinson simply have athleticism to burn and they've harnessed their abundance of energy to simply make things happen on the floor. Amanda Fryburger and Sonia Blair also brought plenty of heat on both ends

These young ladies have plenty of upside, here's the deal, they're still a year away from HS and the jumps several have made, including Katera Mays, Dominique Labbe and Jordyn Dotie tells me I better keep an eye on this group from Ichiban

That's the cake and here's the icing, Jazmynne Brown and Nina Miliner simply blow me away, not only because they're from the 2020 class but I'm seeing legitimate jumps in their games as well. This group will get better, mindset and work ethic tells me that from watching them over and over and over and I'm definitely going to enjoy catching them down the road