Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Louisiana Lady Hornets bring sting #MemorialWeekendShowdown

As I glance through the roster and observe my notes, I'm even more impressed with the Hornets than I was the team brought five eight graders down to play in the varsity division, this means those young ladies were going against players as much as three grades above them. Traya Bruce, Victorianna Nelson and Dannecia Nora showed a lot of potential, as well as Ramsey Messer and Lauren Scott. Nora was working both ends of the paint and with her size and strength plus age, who knows how high she'll be able to go while Nelson sometimes was a blur as she attacked from the wing

Breon Richard did a nice job handling the ball under pressure while seeing the floor well and Blair Ringo was definitely another threat in the paint. Again this team brought heat and I mean no matter who was in the game but Alicia Johnson was one that kept it in triple digits