Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tory Jacobs-Was I right?

Anytime I get to brag about calling one of these MS ball players a can't miss, I'm going to do just that. Some have called me a guru, clairvoyant and whole lot of other things I choose not to print and even though I kid about having a crystal ball, am I really kidding or am I just that good. I asked Minnesota signee Tory Jacobs if she remembered our talk back in 2010 when I covered the Ganon Baker Camp at Texas A&M, it was the first article for the blog and it has snowballed to something I didn't imagine but she responded she did

Tory was one of the youngest players there and I first noticed her because she appeared to be shy, then I really became curious to see how she would react against the older players, I mean there were several legitimate four and five stars players in attendance not to mention countless next level players yet the young lady excelled. I told her I was expecting big things from her and of course, she delivered

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