Friday, May 2, 2014

Either you get it, or you will

When I put the glasses on I'm really serious, okay I can't read the small print but I wanted to share something with you. I talked about a parent going to a large tournament and receiving a letter from a recruiting service on how well their daughter played and how they could help, well the player can play, problem is she wasn't in attendance at the event, so they misrepresented themselves in the letter, aka, told a %$&* lie

I have the odds based on NCAA stats on my CONSULTING page on how hard it is for the vast majority of players to achieve playing at the next level, read more

Yesterday I received a call from another parent who said he was contacted by someone from out of state using that "used car salesman" approach and when the dad asked how were they so sure his daughter could play at the next level without seeing her, their response was "you don't have confidence in your daughter?"

This blew me away that someone would have the audacity to try and pull something like that however game is game, whether it's on Wall Street or just the street, believe me I know both. More importantly, I know talent and "yes I charge" to market players and I've been successful helping give players options however if I don't feel I can help, I'm upfront and honest

Even more importantly, I watch the kids throughout their careers, I just did a Tip Sheet on the Under The Radar players playing in the Heart Of Texas and I bombard colleges with updates and those college coach who know me know there are know sleight of hand tricks, I simply keep it real