Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I caught the Cajun Express at #MemorialWeekendShowdown

I always tease Louisiana teams from around the Lafayette area about bringing me boudin and although they laugh and I think I'm kidding, I'm actually not because I love spicy foods. I had to settle for their game and like the region, it was spicy and full of flavor the weekend and here's why. Maddy Brasseaux and Madelyn LeJeune just went to work attacking the rim, LeJeune mixed it up and hit players on the money from the wing  as well.

Sarah Guidry is long and athletic, she deflected passes and was a mismatch waiting to happen while Anna Shaw was simply all over the place creating problems. Abigail Jolie and Lindsey Priola both showed they could do some midrange damage but the damage inside was caused by Jacey Broussard and Sam Logan