Friday, May 30, 2014

Arkansas Mavericks 2017 #MemorialWeekendShowdown

One out of state program that continues to impress me is the Arkansas Mavericks and their 2017 squad had talent galore. First of all they have size and size that can run the floor and finish like Abby Jackson and Kennedi Allen, a player I've written about several times read more  Throw in the fact that Peyton Martin used her length to not only alter shots, she also elevates well to nail the midrange down. Madison Rainey held down the paint, she rebounded well on both ends while Sydni Williams had a penchant for finishing with contact over and over

Grace Spangler also did a good job finishing off the dribble as well as knocking the 15 footer down, well the same can be said Breamber Scott which sort of tells you what I mean about the talent. Jada Perry handled the ball well under pressure as well as saw the floor while Kourtney Junior and Tristan Lasker simply make big plays at the right time. Tori Lasker also made big plays, many huge and she also made the Tip Sheet

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