Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gold Division Tip Sheet from #IBC


With some of the top 8th graders playing up including Shae Routt, Monet Jones and Megan Wilkinson, the GOLD Division at the Insiders Basketball Classic still had some performers that created not only problems trying to defend but showed they are ahead of the game in some areas

Jazzmin Womack (Livingston Ladies)- I don't know if she's related to Bobby but she's going to be having defenders singing the blues over  the next few years. She's long and agile and can play multiple positions effectively and score from anywhere on the floor. Huge upside, I'm calling her BCS right now, stamp and seal it

Julu Hemeyer (Houston Premier 14U)- Several players shined throughout the Premier organization a s five teams rolled in and and Heymeyer was definitely one of them. In their opening game, I loved the way she got to the basket and finished with contact but as the tournament progressed, she showed she was definitely a threat from midrange and as a bonus dropped a three just to let me know, I do now


Ifyoma Mbume (Houstonians) - Mbume definitely created some problems in the paint as she was relentless on the boards, I'm talking about both ends. She simply won't quit and does an excellent job at finishing even with defenders on her. She also showed she could defend on the perimeter, play the passing lanes and handle the ball in the open court

Sierra Fuller (Insiders)- I hadn't seen our younger team play at all this season but I saw enough to know that there are several talented players who have a shot at playing beyond high school and Fuller is definitely one. She has a scorers mentality an in laymen terms, she tries to find ways to get the ball in the basket. She's effective now, but nowhere near where  she'll be


Lillie Powers (Pearland Hawks) - I enjoyed watching her older sister Maddie a couple of years ago and knew she had some potential and once again I was correct. Here's the deal, nothing's changed as far as younger sister because when you're this young and can create the way this young lady can, you have trouble in the making. Powers got to wherever she wanted and is deadly from midrange

Sally Clark (Houstonians) I've been watching this kid since my hair was completely black and one thing I always enjoyed about her was how she brought heat. She's doing it under control, I'm going on a limb and saying she'll be one of the top defensive guards in her class, but that limb is sturdy because you can't teach effort nor heart. Ball handling and outside shooting has taken off as well