Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm still down with TPE at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

Texas Preps Elite gave me so many thrills last season, especially the younger group because I knew they showed a lot of potential and they were hungry, well they're becoming more ready than ever for the buffet, hopefully you caught that. I spoke with Jordan Hamilton and told her how much she has matured on the floor and that speaks volumes because she was handling the one pretty good as well. Rebecca Lescay and Barber always find ways to excite me on the floor while the addition of Jae Branch and Gabby Gregory, two who excited me before I saw the others a while back, simply makes them a team that will catch your eye
Jalise Smallwood is a special player that's ready to burst out and Jalise Smallwood isn;t quite 100% but she'll be in BEAST mode before it's all said and done. Yoselin Maldonado and Mariah Fluellen also went to work this weekend and helped TPE put together a strong showing. The older team was equally exciting, anytime Angela Harris has the ball expect something to happen that may amaze you and while Branch and Gregory did dual work on both teams, Shelby Dixon and CeCe Cockerham, a couple of talented seniors, put on a show. Cockerham was dropping bombs from I-45 while Dixon kept me glued so I couldn't get on it. Dixon plays one way, hard and she simply kept TPE in the hunt, let's revisit the Tip Sheet she made a while back

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