Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TCX second look even better #PrimeTime

Certain numbers just stand out when I'm watching games and since 24 happens to be one of my all time favorite shows, Aaliyah Clark immediately grabbed my attention a few weeks ago with TCX. She anticipates well, handles the ball under pressure the length of the court, can finish and soot the three. Amaya Ngo showed she could score consistently from the midrange area. Matea Terrell also read the defenses well, played the passing lane and has good athleticism

Chloe Adane and Rachel Cordy both did a good job on the inside showing they could rebound on both ends and finish while Elunk Jones has good length and athleticism and she also showed she could create. The team was shorthanded, a couple of players were missing, Kennedy Ryan and Allison Peck however that old saying "third times a charm" will hopefully let me capture this team at full capacity