Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lee Green machine running smoothly at #PrimeTime

I enjoy watching teams I hadn't seen before and a perfect example of next level talent being all over the place in Texas is the Lee Green group. I caught them a couple of times last season, didn't know who many of the players were but I did see some talent and I found out what I needed to know. I found out even more after this past weekend as several players stood out. River Romine and Julia Bridges both showed they could create their own shot, get to the basket and score along with shoot the long ball.

I enjoy watching players attack the rim and finish but I enjoy watching them read the defenses and play the passing lanes probably even more, Randa Sloan and Allison Ray did both. Olivia Eubanks battled on the boards, I'm talking both ends and found ways to get to the line as she and Alex Shunway were definitely a couple of bright spots I saw for the first time. Scarlett Gregory and Elena Grijalva did a little bit of everything, Gregory also showed range and converted numerous and ones while Grialva at 6'2 showed the potential to dominate in the paint. She's a strong rebounder on both ends, soft touch from the line and simply battled for everything