Monday, May 19, 2014

Ice don't melt against Blaze in Varsity Championship of #IBC

Some of these teams and teams and players simply grow me because it seems like they always seem to pop up where I am, be it a tournament, camp or whatever. The Imperial Ice is one of them and the Bay Area Blaze is becoming one and they have an abundance of young D1 talent, not just next level, I've already put out there so as always, pretend it's a Polaroid and watch what I say develop, well read what I say

The Ice won the Varsity title 62-58 behind several stars and first of all, their dominant post/wing Shae Routt has already committed to Texas without scoring her first high school point for her mom, that's because she's in the 8th grade, need I say more. Kaylinne Truong scored 25 and went three point crazy 50% while I was watching including six deep ones in the championship while her twin sister, Kayleigh, is going to the hole at will and finishing and the progression I'm seeing in not only these three will have me coming back to the team later

The Bay Area Blaze is a new squad filled with talented players from the Clear Lake area, I will come back to the team later but I wanted  to give Hanna Froeschl, who's also captured in this #AutoAwesome photo and that's the way she played as she dropped 21 on  a variety of moves including suspending in air, nothing like body control at a young age. Stay tuned as I re-tune for more