Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D1 Shooters 2020 #MemorialWeekendShowdown

D1 Shooters Rich Anderson told me after the event was over he was sorry I didn't get a chance to see his talented team, including Neveah Tot, I assured him that I would definitely make it a point to catch them at Prime Time Nationals

The more I thought about it and after looking at the pictures, I went through my notes and, drum-roll please, I actually saw them play and the potential I saw from all of their players, including Brianna Tubby and Taylor Hurst, tells me that this young squad is on to something

Tot already get's it, she sees the floor exceptionally well and her ball handling enables her to get wherever she wants whenever she wants while Zoe McCrary already uses her length wisely on both ends and Kyla West creates havoc in the paint.Tyler Jackson uses her athleticism nicely on both ends and Kiersten Anderson simply has a mixture of weapons because she anticipates well, attacks well and showed range, mid and long

Speaking of range, Gabriella Morreeba has that and although I was rolling from court to court, I missed Morgan Hervey and Jayla Brooks b ut I'm well aware of who they are and their games spoke for itself, like many of their teammates, at the HoopAHolics Camp