Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D1 Shooters 2018 bring it at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

When you realize the importance of being where I am, good things will happen for the MASSES and after seeing several talented D1 Shooters 2018 players at the HoopHolics Camp back in December, I may not have remembered the faces after that initial sighting but the names definitely rang bells

Izaria Ferguson continues to be among the loudest ringing, she and Jaida Marks are simply so athletic that they understand the concept of getting to the rim and finishing on one end while defending on the other. Melissa Johnstone already grasps using her size in the paint while Alissa Defore is a three pointer waiting to happen. This team has several bright stars of the future, Amaya Smith definitely was shining among the top young players because she reads the floor wisely and can maneuver across the floor

I'll catch them again, I'm thinking they'll be one of the squads at Prime Time Nationals and I'm not only devoting all four days to it but I promise to give one full day to the younger teams, you have my word