Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texas Preps Elite finish strong at #IBC

Angela Harris is a gifted and talented point guard, I called it when she was in the 6th grade and she's did nothing to prove me wrong and since the game starts where, you got it, at the one, the Cy Fair star simply makes things happen for Texas Preps Elite. Her midrange game and ability to finish with contact has made her a hot commodity as far as the college scene, she's strong and athletic and can overpower bigger guards but TPE brought in a little bit everything to help Harris

Majestie Robinson brought some acrobatics of her own as well as Khilyn  Cooper but Shelby Dixon sort of mixed it up and with her strength, she not only scored from midrange but long range as well. Tiffany Dunlap has toned up even more since I saw her last season and her ability to score on the outside was always there as the chants from the stands "shoot it T" made me remember who she was but now she  too is mixing it up more by putting it on  the floor

I missed Jae Branch, she's battled minor injuries but trust me when I say she's among the top sophomores in the area, well state and her body and hey, ability to hang ala suspended animation and score from inside or just drop some from 25 feet tells you something, well it told me something years ago. Another sophomore, 6'4 Jovita Cortez is coming along nicely, her size and height alone will get her to the next level but she's better every time I see her so she'll have multiple offers before it's over.

Chamira Cockerham was simply hard to handle and I'm talking about period. She scored almost at will in the paint against whomever not to mention she played defense inside or on the perimeter. Need a rebound, no problem as she explodes off the floor and did whatever she needed to to grab them off the boards on both ends and her ability to play the pass lane was uncanny