Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watts making strides #MemorialWeekendShowdown

This is the fourth season I've watched Kansas Watts and whether it was during a camp her dad  was hosting or a game she was playing in, one thing is for certain, she absorbs what's being taught and she not only comprehends the game but has taken what she's been taught and instilled it into game situations.

Watts dad, Gene, is the founder, director and head coach for Team Ichiban, one of the oldest and most decorated programs in the state as countless young ladies have gone through his program and played at the next level, most recently six from the 2014 class.

Gene is a teacher I saw that when I covered his camp last season and it's one thing to show players how to do something but Watts breaks it down into, well think frames in a film, and since Kansas has had roles in several of those "films", I'm seeing her hard work is taking her closer to that leading role

She's strong and that's how she attacks the rim but her basketball IQ is over and beyond for an 8th grader and she understands the little things at an early age that will get her where she needs to be