Thursday, May 22, 2014

Varsity Division Tip Sheet from #IBC

The Varsity Division of the Insiders Basketball Classic wound up going down to the wire on Sunday and several players gave me a glimpse on what to expect during their HS careers. Here are some of the standouts from the Varsity group


Hannah Froeschl (Bay Area Blaze)- I've already decided to tag this young lady "Silent Assassin" because she simply does it and before you realize what's happened, she's gone. Off the dribble, she was simply unbelievable as she hung in the air many times to finish but her midrange is, well deadly as well so trying to guard is a challenge

Caitlyn Burroway ( Bay Area Blaze) - Burroway and Froeschl are also HS teammates at Clear Creek and from what I saw from several of their talented freshmen this season is that they are going to be a contender. Burroway is strong in the paint, can score and rebound on both ends, plus she can face the basket and score, mid to long range

Sable Dennison (Runnin Rebels)- Dennison has gotten stronger an she's just as relentless going to the basket as she is on defense. Good ball-handler that reads the passing lanes and comes  up with steals but her ability to score with contact is what has really taken off


Shae Routt (Imperial Ice) Soft touch around the basket for easy scores, rebounds and runs the floor, well sometimes outruns everyone to receive passes for layups after rebounding and has very good timing to block shots. Shae improves every time I see her and I see her play often, what's really taking off is her ability to face the basket. Have I ever mentioned she's already committed to Texas? That sums it up


Truong Twins ( Imperial Ice) Ice Ice baby as the remix is a huge hit because this talented team has some talented players. The Truomg duo simply were breathtaking, Kaylinne's ability to catch and shoot, uhhh from bta, was immeasurable as to what it's going to mean down the road for her. Kayleigh joined in the act but what blew me away was she's mastering threading the needle to get to the rim and finish, many times highlight film worthy

Elecia Lartigue (Sports Prep)- Young lady is growing up right before my eyes, I saw the sparks when she was in the 2nd grade I believe but the fire has been lit and the flame continues to get hotter. She can score but she's also learning how to run a team and this is valuable since many times she's playing against players at least two to three years older