Friday, May 30, 2014

Arlington Swoosh #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I called Alecia Greald a diamond in the rough last season and that sparkle keeps getting brighter as her energy level on both ends and ability to run a team help make the Swoosh a must see every chance I get. The addition of Jordan Jenkins was huge as she's a blur with the ball and creates so much havoc that you're just afraid to blink. Haileigh Talbert does a great job pushing the ball, she has body control and range while Lauren Godbold can attack from anywhere plus give you production from the midrange as well as go baseline at will

Jiliane Faciane uses her size well, she knows how to take up space and has the ability to control the paint on both ends but when you add the athleticism of Taylor Watkins, who can attack and defend plus Ugo Nwarie who simply explodes off the block, in the paint, well anywhere for rebounds, blocks, loose balls, whatever

Tierae Hambrick is another huge pickup, she's only an 8th grader and made the youngstas playing against the big girls tip sheet read more while Kayla Wells is about to simply blow up