Thursday, May 15, 2014

HGEE 2015 #PrimeTime

HGEE 2015 started off strong at Prime Time's Mother's Day Weekend event and they had the talent to cack it up. HGEE 2015 and Fred, along with Rockwall-Lang and Lee Green were the top teams in the HS division and right off the top I knew HGEE 2015 would be a contender. Lexi Burns was something to see in the open court, I'm still playing the monster crossover she made in the open court in my head along with her finishing several times. She wasn't the only one that could finish strong, Lakeria Bassett and Karrington Brown also did a good job getting to the rim for baskets, all three are athletic and Brown dropped multiple threes throughout the day. Brown also showed she could hit the three but she also did a good job of reading the floor on both ends

By now you know I love watching players that play the passing lanes, this usually results in easy scoring opportunities and it also shows their court awareness is up there not to mention they have the athleticism to get it done, Des McGinnis and Carli Dom did those things well. Jordan Goodwin was strong in the paint as well as Alexis Ridgell but Emily Reed added that plus she relished the contact, plus she not only showed good footwork in the paint, she ran the floor well. Nicole Taake beat defenders off the dribble, finished with either hand and hit the midrange. I almost tweeted,  "don't get took by  Taake" but .........