Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Texas Preps Elite 2019 shows Morgan isn't only one Taylor made #MemorialWeekendShowdown


2020 Taylor Morgan is all smiles, she made me take notice at the HoopAHolics Camp I covered back in December and although I didn't remember where I saw her on the court, I remembered I had seen her. Morgan is one of the players on TPE 2019 that caught my eye over the weekend and although I only caught them briefly, I spotted several players that simply made things happen


Morgan knows the game and she made big plays on both ends while Ashleigh Smith and Kinley Brown brought huge amounts of heat while I was watching. Smith is very active on the floor while Brown plays the passing lanes quite well. Mallory Kimble and Sydney Foster also showed a lot of potential while Ariyanna Hall simply scored at will as she got to the rim whenever she wanted using her athleticism while also anticipating things before they happen