Thursday, May 29, 2014

Texas Dream Team at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I only caught a glimpse of the Texas Dream Team's 2015 squad but here's the deal, Dora Freeman's athleticism and midrange were certainly bright spots, especially watching her bank in some shots, Google it if you don't know but the squad had a little bit of everything including Mykel Love and Autumn Weller who kept the pressure coming

Mackenzie Hailey was strong inside, she's long and active, rebounds, runs the floor well and more importantly, finishes strong. Danielle Waters took defenders off the dribble effortlessly at times while Brewee Ellis did the same plus saw the floor well. Kiasha Harris was creating all types of havoc in te paint, she rebounded strong on both ends

I was spreading myself thin and didn't catch Kristen Stubblefield or Kristin Dewitt but I was so impressed with Kennedi Burk that I got up and found out what her name was, Burk, only a sophomore, played on the other Dream Team but she caused some nightmares and will be on the Tip Sheet