Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HGEE 2018 at Girls Got Game #DCSportsDFW

Kennadi Lankford's athleticism alone made me want catch more of the 2018 group from Higher Goals but I'll catch them again down the road but I saw enough to know that several players are going to be legitimate stars in high school. Mya Thompson was exciting as she attacked off the dribble, she Laura Evans and McKenzie Bowie just knew how to get to rim and score. Bowie also showed she could knock the mid-range down

 I only caught this squad for a few minutes but Sydnee Johnson and Leighton Eschele showed a lot of promise while Brooke Trotter looked good from long range. Mira Lilliard is fast, with the ball, saw the floor well and knew how to score taking defenders off the dribble