Monday, May 5, 2014

2020 HGEE makes noise at #DCSportsDFW Girls Got Game

I see some of the same mannerisms in Myra Gordon that I do in her older sister Lexi (no Y) one of the states top freshmen and I know watching older sister has added to this young ladies development but the jump I've seen in Gordon since the Hoop-A-Holics camp tells me things are about to Flash right before my eyes, get it?

Gordon isn't the only one ahead of the game for HGEE, many of these young ladies are but the main thing is that they all understood the game and comprehending this stuff at their ages will go a long way. Sydney McAlister is strong in the paint while Kyla Davis, Alex Copeland and Dasha MacMillan brought heat on both ends of the court. Ryleigh Merrier also showed some upside as she attacked well and even showed she could drop a floater

My attentions were to catch them again on Sunday however I got caught up in action elsewhere but I will have HGEE on the "must see" list even if I'm not 2020, they certainly are