Monday, May 5, 2014

Unsigned Tyler Davis shows even more EXCITEMENT

I called Tyler Davis Miss Excitement last season as she helped Cy Woods knock on the door, this season they kicked on the door and she played a huge roll in that but coaches this is a simple fact, she plays on a team with four D1 players so if you're looking at Max Preps or whatever stat-mobile, sometimes doesn't truly don't tell the story and neither do I when I say a player can play

Davis is explosive, I've watched her put up double digit numbers in a little over two minutes in HS and club ball numerous times but she's a consummate "team" player and does whatever it takes to place her team in the best position to win

Here's a link to a couple of her YouTube videos, read more

Check out this super video she put together and and when I tell you something, it's just like Steve Perry , "Don't Stop Believing"