Monday, May 5, 2014

TPE 2018 at #DCSportsDFW Girls Got Game

Texas Preps Elite popped on the scene. at least for me, last season and had an abundance of talented teams and players and Cyleist Smith and Tatum Henderson are only a couple of many who showed me a thing or two. to be honest, I've had the pleasure of watching these young ladies, both can handle the ball and see the floor, Smith get to the rim whenever she wants while Henderson can shoot mid to long range effectively. Robbie Johnson does a good job of breaking defenders down, she also knows and understand the game, Payton O'Brian does as well and has great court vision like the duo

Sophie Hannabas rebounds well on both ends and go strong to the basket, with either hand while Whitney Yates showed she was a force to be reckoned with in the paint as well. Ladies and gentlemen, 6'4 Uchenna Nwoke was simply creating a lot of buzz on Saturday so I had to make sure I caught TPE on Sunday just cause I'm nosy.I figured she'd be raw but I wasn't pleasantly surprised because she's coordinated and athletic and has a good comprehension about what she needs to do, I'm told this is her first year playing and if this is her first year, she's definitely going to be a name you college coached better "ink" in

I'm sure I'll catch this talented young team down the road, several players are definitely going to be stars in HS along with playing at the next level