Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prime Time New Caney starts off #AutoAwesome

That young 2019 Cy Fair team simply has several players I'll be blabbing out including Jessica Soders who simply has some things you can't teach

The Lady Ice rolled in from Dallas and they entertained me off the top with the De Los Santas sisters energy while Jessica Guerrero hit one laying down on the floor

Several young stars were all over the place from Dynasty to Cy Fair to Houston Premier to Katy Rebels, geography isn't my strong point so I probably had you going back and forth

By that same token, well, plenty of upside on the floor all day

The Lady Elite and Dominators appeared to be in the driving seat, don't know who they're 9 pm game but I'm thinking they might have a rematch

And I'll close with Taylor Johnson, fortunately I remembered  her name from this 2011 piece which starts off talking about me not getting the specifics I needed, aka roster and I just wonder how hard is it to put a name with a number at the very least even though much more is needed to get to college coaches

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