Monday, June 2, 2014

Prime Time New Caney ends, well #AutoAwesome

I never start a tournament wrap the same way, I just go with the flow and I'll be throwing some stuff at you over the next few days on what got me going. First of all thanks to everyone for getting me rosters, again if I don't know who the players are, as good as I am or think I am, it's simply hard to say something about them if I had a chance to catch them in action

I spoke about the pipeline of Houston Premier, Katy Rebels and Cy Fair Shock but I had a chance to watch several Dynasty teams in depth and after I tweeted Blake Carrington would be proud, few got it, but nevertheless three different teams made it to the semi-finals in the 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 grade divisions and runner-up finishes in the first two wasn't a joke

There was no joking around on Super Sunday as I was just glued to my seat, literally speaking, but there were some tense games that had me hash-tagging #downtothewire and both of those 11/12  semis were simply breathtaking

New kids on the block , Twelve, simply blew me away with the high energy level and just as high basketball IQ from a number of players including 5th grade cousins, Precious Daily and Cornecia Thompson, hey Google + did the picture like this, I guess it saw them play because it seemed like it was more than one coming at you. It get's even better, Daily has an older sister playing with her on Twelve, 2019 "Trecee" as the cousins shared the 7/8 grade title while an even older sister, 2016 Patrickia helped lead her Lady Elite team to the 11/12 grade title

Just sit back and relax, I need to recoup a tad, run some errands and give a S/O to not only the Hybrids for being on the verge of exploding but a huge one to Bay Area Blaze who has placed in every event I caught them and after the game, I told this young lady I tweeted "Who's Afraid of Ariel Wolfe ? well you should be" and asked her if she got it, she didn't but she and her teammates have it on  the court, check ya later!