Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Katy Rebels Joulevette #PrimeTime

I said earlier that I was really digging this young talent throughout the Katy Rebels organization and over the weekend I caught another team with bright young stars in the making. Amari Joulevette already gets it, she can handle the ball under pressure, attack the basket and defend  while Naloni Burton did some nice dribbling under pressure as well, one move in particular she split defenders going between her legs plus she has range

Jazmin Malone and Hannah Porter made some key plays, both are athletic, Porter actually anticipates well. Yasmine Stelle also used her athleticism to change the momentum but keep in mind these are only 6th graders and their upside, based on what I'm seeing, will have many special players emerging

Mia Hill is long and already gets certain things, she handles the ball and does some nice thing in the paint on both ends quite well while Alexis Davis and Natonig Livingston both did a good jobs rebounding, Davis is strength is way ahead of her age. I didn't get a picture of Atlantis White with her sister Dezeree and I could have had it up yesterday.

Dez is one of the top 2018 players in the area so her younger sister has had a chance to watch her on numerous occasions. This picture above sort of sums up what I'll be seeing from the finished product, Atlantis already has a good concept of the game and along with her skills while watching her attack the basket tells me I need to keep an eye on her