Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Houston Premier Orange #PrimeTime


I still have the story coming on the five teams from Houston Premier that played in the Insiders Basketball Classic but let me give a special S/O off the top to more talented players in the pipeline I spotted this past weekend.First of all, there were a couple of 6th graders playing up on the 2019 team that simply caught my eye off the top, Lexis Tomberlin and Lane Rice. Tombelin knows the game and showed a lot of potential, played good defense and knew how to attack. Rice simply got me going with her ability to create her own shot and gave early notice she has the tools to be an offensive machine

I truly enjoy taking a chance to acknowledge the hard work these younger players are putting in and catching several stars of tomorrow definitely gives me advantage, well them too because I can judge their progression and know who's already in the mix. Kirby Ritter does a great job in the paint, but she also knows how to put it on the floor and score because she got to the rim anytime she wanted. Grace Sticker also took advantage of every situation she was in and like Ritter, she gets to the basket and scores, many times with defenders hanging on her

Mallory Manchac, Harmony Henderson, Anna Verghese and Alyssa Moore made huge plays at various points in the games that I caught but the main thing I gathered from this talented young team is the amount of potential these young ladies already show and I'm talking top to bottom. Also coming up huge were Sami Toner and Alexa Moore, very athletic on both ends and at times were simply nightmares on defense