Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dynasty Martin #PrimeTime

Always remember the Girlz Prep Report ABC's about young players that always catches my eye. Athletic, Big and Coordinated is what Sandra Cannady already brings to this team of majority 2019 players. Her athleticism and ability to run the floor and finish, in addition to rebounding will go a long way. Several players showed me they have ability and potential and as I've stated before, I see the improvement throughout the organization

Kate Frank has a scorers mentality and she pt the ball in the basket multiple ways and one play in particular out of the many times she attacked, she finished with a floater. Anjolee Lavery, Skylar Perryand Haley Zaverich-Puckett all joined in the action and showed me signs that they are working and ready for whatever challenge that's ahead

The team played shorthanded all weekend but that didn't stop them from bringing the heat and two of the youngest players, 2020 Ja Nyah Bennett and 2021 Kaidance Glenn simply blew me away. Both are athletic and will be some players to deal with before it's all said and done