Friday, June 6, 2014

Houstonians continue to get it done #IBC

Mojo and Ifyoma Mbue

I've had a chance to watch three of the Houstonians' teams so far this season and one thing is still for sure, they continue to have talent on each team s I'll do a quick breakdown on them


The improvement of Sally Clark and Alleah Dallas has been a joy to watch since I've been watching them, well forever and that I do mean as they have officially became the youngest players, other than my daughters, start and continue. Clark just bring so much energy o both ends that it's unreal while Dallas continues to blossom and at 5'9 while only in the 7th grade, big things are ahead. Grace Manes and Myriah Spencer also bring the heat but it gets turned up even more from Nyasia Goldman, Janasia Cuney and Sadie Randall. Goldman attacks and plays the passing lanes well, Cuney rebounds and can push the ball hardwhile Randall already knows how to get physical in the paint. Infoma Mbue simply does some of everything and before it's sad and done, she will be a major threat


Treazure Mouton was a defensive whiz that offensively started to emerge and once she returns to action, she won't be any taking any prisoners, that's her mindset. Rachel Brown also has the mindset as they help set the foundation down for the team an that foundation is solid Panebi Shirey and Imani Wiley simply bring it. Ally Caudill is powerful in the paint, I'm talking about both ends while Lenecia Mitchell is simply everywhere creating havoc. Lauren Taylor's athleticism could be considered ultra simply because she explodes off the grown which enables her to get her shot off against anyone and a guest player, Alisha, used her length well and knocks down the midrange

MacKenzie Johnson and Monet Jones


Let me say this, Monet Jones is another MJ that has a very bright future and can play four positions effectively, oh yeah, she's a 2018. MacKenzie Johnson is another young lady I've been watching forever, saw both of her older sisters getting it done and now she's doing the same thing. Smart, solid and can score is how I'll sum up another MJ. Lauren Taylor blew me away as she blew by defenders over and over. She reads the floor like a cornerback and has NBA range. This team is solid, Ashley and Miller and Colesha Barrett fill in some of the blanks while Mojo Mbue helps fill in others as all are capable scorers and good defenders. Catherine Williams also showed she could just get wherever she wanted and that first step helped her attack from the wing relentlessly