Friday, June 6, 2014

Houston Elite still potent at #IBC

Last season Houston Elite's interior was one of the most feared in the state however they've regrouped and went small and "once you go small, be ready to play some ball" because "the type of players rollin in navy and white, from baseline to baseline, you're in for a fight" Boy I am ON today

At the Insiders Basketball Classic Joi Simmons and Adriiana Jackson were simply on fire as their squad finished runner-up in the WNBA division in the Insiders Basketball Classic. Both are gifted scorers that can create, not only for themselves but their talented teammates and Jackson is one of the officers in the #sizedontmatter club

A growth spurt by Sydney Carr has help legitimize her status, game was already there but the options will become greater while Tiffany Arceneaux simply adds more fire to the fuel as this young lady can score from simply anywhere. Don't get me wrong, Sidnee Land does a mjore than adequate job in the paint, she's strong and a fierce rebounder that simply goes after verything

Taylor Kollmorgen also has been a pleasant surprise for HE  and she's a shade over six feet,  that's the magic number, and as a bonus she can score in the paint or drop the 15 footer with ease. No surprise for #23 folks, I've been impressed with her since the 6th grade and yes I called it, maybe not that year but when I found out how old she was the next time I saw her, I yelled it. Forget about Paris Texas, Paris Hilton and Paris France, Paris Netherland is going to BLOW UP!!!!!!