Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cy Fair Shock 2019 #PrimeTime

Some of the faces looked familiar because I had a chance to see some of the "pipeline" going to work when I covered the Cy Fair Evaluation Camp but I just observed the skill set of many of the young ladies during game situation. Keep in mind, my all time favorite quote is "it's not what you do it's who you do it against" and although this talented group of 7th graders didn't win the 9/10 Grade Division, they certainly competed

I found out that Jessica Soders was the granddaughter of one of my all time favorite people so I was interested to see what she actually could do. To sum it up, he would be proud because this young lady is on the fast track to do big things. She's already a beast in the paint yet she also can attack from the wing but some of the things she does instinctively simply can't be taught

This team has some players you will be hearing about in HS, trust me on that. Micayla Hamilton, Desiree Hill and Kathleen Johnson already understand the importance of playing the passing lane. Hamilton, along with Jordan Tauscher can drop long ball, Tauscher also made the highlight film with off balance pass falling out of bounds for a basket.

Dyani Robinson also did a job anticipating whatever passes were "up for grabs" plus she scored with both hands. I'll get a better look at these young ladies as well as Kaitlon Singletary, Michaela Nelson and Jill Williams at Prime Time Nationals where I have devoted a whole day out of the four I'll be there to the babies, well these "ain't" ordinary babies