Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rice Dominators Elite #CCClassic

Let's cut to the chase, I saw this squad a couple of years ago and I knew that had several talented middle school ballplayers that would leave their mark in high school and although some have just entered, trust me many will be household names across the area before it's all said and done. This squad sort of reminded me of the Houston Lady, a team I caught pre HS, a team I said had legitimate stars and a team that had more kids from their organization sign to play at the next level than any other in the area. I already dropped what I thought about Deja Williams and Kiome Dixon on my Tip Sheet


I've also tweeted about everyone else on this talented squad so if you don't follow me on social media, chances are you're going to miss something but a quick recap is that they have several smart players that comprehend the game, Zoey Zepada and Jackie Aragon definitely are in that group, in fact Zepada's crossover actually fixed that soreness in my neck as I "followed the bouncing ball."
Carmen Lovo, Braelyn Younger and Mya Bolding showed finesse and power on the inside while Annette Clark and Elyssa Coleman are both above the magic number and their best basketball is ahead of them. Keep in mind Coleman, Clark, Bolding and Younger are all 2020's on this 2019 team and like said before, you don't need perfect vision to know that 2020 will be a monster class

Speaking of monsters, Yumon Simien made my first Tip Sheet on this group and could make one every time I write about a tournament she's in, she's THAT good. Long and athletic coupled with , remember this, "a nightmare to defend" because that first step or that step back will have you leaning more times that not and  her acrobatic moves while defying gravity will only improve. Did I mention she shoots the ball very well, well enough to average over 20 for the event