Monday, May 12, 2014

Wise County Select 2020 #PrimeTime

A smart man once said never count anyone out at this age, that man was me and from what I saw from Wise County Select was a group of young ladies who were not only coachable but simply got after it. Kylie Fitzgerald, Tiffany Whooten and Sydney Delgado brought plenty of energy when they were on the floor as the team played up over the weekend

Emily Vidal immediately caught my eye for two reasons, one she was the point and two, she wears my daughters club #4. Vidal handles the ball well and does a good job of getting to where she wants and she and Harley Mayfield both were active both ends throughout the game. Gracie Isham already understands the importance of crashing the boards while Rami Fritz showed she could knock the long one down.