Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Under The Radar players closing deals

I'm holding up one finger because the main goal that 90% of the players out here playing are hooping for is a chance to play somewhere at the next level and over the years, I've had a very high success rate at giving players options. I took the time to place the statistics from the NCAA on how hard it is for a high school senior to achieve playing at the next level, here it is one more time  read more

Most players that actually go on to play usually have a couple of offers, remember there is a huge difference between receiving a letter from a college and an offer and there is also a huge difference in what many parents are being told and also what they believe. Always remember there are no sleight of hand tricks or cloak and dagger tactics, if I can't help give a player more options, I'll be up front and honest because when you look at the odds straight from the NCAA, you see that everyone is not going to play at the next level

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