Monday, May 5, 2014

Girls Got Game shows star power #DCSportsDFW

I love watching entertaining basketball, especially when sleep deprivation starts to take it's toll and it's always icing on the cake when it's smart and entertaining. Girls Got Game hosted by DC Queens added a few lit candles on top with players I'm already seeing show star power and BCS potential that haven't played in their first high school games yet. Kayla Glover and Myra Gordon were captured in this #AutoAwesome photo, I caught Gordon at the Hoop-A-Holics Camp back in December and one thing I always talk about when I evaluate is that I look for progression, she has simply taken her game to another level

No roster for the Swag but they had several players that simply got after on both their high school and middle school teams and if #AutoAwesome captures your photo, that tells you something right there. Over the next few days I'll bring you some stories on some very talented players that have a shot at playing somewhere once their high school careers are over. These #AutoAwesome photos are only giving you a glimpse of the future on what I'll be writing about and the one below didn't capture the whole DC Queens 2020 team that played two years up and made an impressive, well more than impressive showing, but trust me, they all can play. Stay tuned as I catch my breath