Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Metros brings talent and energy to #ATLShowcase

My first look at the Georgia Metros came in 2006 when I had a chance to coach against them in Alabama. The team was filled with stars left to right, in fact double digit players went on play to D1 basketball from that squad including one you may have heard of, 6'5 Kelly Cain whose career was cut down by injuries and one you should know, Maya Moore, one of the best players I've seen in my life. I caught up with a new group of Georgia Metros and I saw plenty of talent at the ATL Showcase hosted by Prime Time Sports and I don't know what gives me a better feel, the fact that the whole team is 2018 or the fact that it's loaded with talent

Jayda Jackson

Jayda Jackson is definitely a BCS prospect, she's long, strong and athletic, can get to the basket and finish plus rebound on both ends but as I said this team has several players that are on the verge of breaking out. Kamiya Hollingshed uses her athleticism well on both ends of the court while Michaela Bennifield knows how to use her body in the paint, she's strong and can finish. Emani Walker showed she could knock down the mid-range consistently and Maya Lovings was extremely effective at not only attacking from the wings but finishing. Marissa Mills also was a good finisher, great court awareness and played well on defense

LeAnna Ramos showed she could handle the ball, under pressure, which is more important. She sees the floor well and makes great decisions and when you consider the fact that they were playing up, that speaks volumes. Nahla Fareed-William did a good job defending and rebounding in the paint, on bot ends but progression is importance and I'll get a better look at this talented team down the road