Friday, April 11, 2014

Peak Performance wins 7th Grade Division in #ATLShowcase

Let me tell you something that this #AutoAwesome photo hasn't. This group of 7th graders from Georgia haven't be any means PEAKED and the PERFORMANCE I saw from many will lead to an abundance of offers from colleges across the country

The game has and always will start at the one, if someone tells you different, run!!!!! Croix Bethune handled the ball like a Yo-Yo at Prime Time Nationals last season, now she's doing tricks like that guy in the Duncan Yo-Yo commercial, do NOT watch the ball as you may become hypnotized but she's not the only one possessing a little "abracadabra" but the small guard with the amazing game will be a highlight waiting to happen in college

Kennedy Powell and Trinity Edwards simply sneaked up on me, I knew they both were good at the but as the event progressed, I see BCS potential in both. Both attack hard, both can shoot it mid-range and from bta and both can defend. Powell might be a little stronger finishing, Edwards just makes things happen Let me sum it up, she threw a backhanded no-look pass for a basket that made me stand yp, YOU CAN'T TEACH THIS!

Charity Ross showed she could use her body as she created problems in the paint, Sarah Plemons created well along with showing she could hit the mid-range as well as Alexis Zainey, who showed some athleticism going to rim. Callie Weaver and Jillian Smith have a lot of upside, they did some big time thing on Super Sunday and it's ironic I said the same thing about Kemia ward last season as far as upside. Ward simply shows that the sky is the limit for her if she keeps improving, never takes a play off and showed she could dominate on both ends and already standing over 6'0, watch out

A lot of people want to be authorities on GBB and really to be an authority you have to

1.Go out and see multiple players across the country, not just who your kid is playing against
2.Always give credible information, no matter who players play for, in other words, don't HATE
3.Make sure you keep a record on how many times you've been right this century, people forget quickly

I know average, I know good, I know good enough to play at the next level, from D3 to BCS, and I know great, Amari Robinson is showing signs of being great and I'm talking about a legitimate "MDAA" type of player. It would be easier for me to list what she can't do and to be honest, I really don't see much I can type.

She can shoot the three, handle the ball like a guard, she's over 6'0 btw, long wingspan makes her a nightmare on defense, she can shoot the mid, post up but peep this and I'm done. I saw her falling out of bounds backwards  on the opposite end of the court and throw an eighty foot pass on the money for an assist. I guess she wanted to give me something to think about on the flight back as she did the same thing again, with her other hand. One more time YOU CAN'T TEACH THIS!!!!!