Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Dogs barking louder at #PrimeTime

I knew this was a talented group of young ladies last season, I think I probably only saw myself more on my Metroplex visits but each time, someone new was doing something to blow me away. Maci Forsythe had plenty of potential, I saw her catching and shooting early last season but boy is she catching and shooting now and I mean from everywhere. She's also added a variety of things to her game, like taking defenders off the dribble and when she dropped of floaters, I knew she had not only been working but the work has just begun

Essence Wells and Erin Sanchez put on some shows last season, it apears there will be many reruns from this talented duo but I also impressed with Kyanna Dillingham's knowledge and getting things done plus the energy from Talea Smith and Arione Hodges gives the team a little bit of everything from the backcourt, Wells plays multiple positions at 5'10 including guard

The interior is filled with young ladies who have "workhorse mentality" aka BEAST potential. Destyni Clark simply will not be denied, she's rugged, she's fierce and I've seen this kid hurt just giving everything she possibly has which translates into being a nightmare in the paint, on both ends. Kristal Okeke is equally scary, if you're coming to a battle, you better be ready for a war, both are around 5'10 and like that bunny on TV, they are not going to quit. The baby really blew me away, Mikaela McGuire is the lone 2018 player, on this 2016/17 team, well. Every time I see this young lady she's getting better, she backs down from no one and is productive on both ends