Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flight 9 showing ready for take off at #PrimeTime

 The game starts where folks, come on you already know at the one and I have seen some pretty impressive guard play from the points this club season at a variety of events.here in Texas, in Louisiana and in Georgia. Breanna Stephens was god last season, she's turned  a corner for Flight 9 and she's showing signs that she will be turning more. Kendall Lante and Avery Roberts joined Merilyn Richardson at attacking and bring heat on both ends

Lauren Stallworth has really improved, she was always aggressive on defense but check out the pic, she's bringing it on both ends. Jasmine Nguyen , like Stephens, did a good job at the one. Both are smart and see the floor, plus they both handled the ball under pressure well. Shelli Thigpen is back and looking good after knee surgery, more on her on Tip Sheet, while Lauren Gunn's arsenal is still loaded as she's becoming a scoring threat from everyehere