Wednesday, April 16, 2014

South Texas Hoyas impressive at #CFInvite

South Texas Hoyas just keep getting it done and with several promising players on each team, the progression continues to show. The White team captured first place in the JV division at the Cy Fair Invitational, the Gray team finished 3-0 in HS D2 while the Blue team finished 2-1 in HS D1. I actually caught one of their games on Sunday and with multiple players shooting the long ball like Emily Sandoval, Anya Curtiss and one of the best in the state at doing it, Megan Valdez, no lead is safe and on the flip, when they're on. it can get out of control quickly

Sara Lewis and Ka'Resha Grant at 6'3 and 6'2 are creating major issues for opponents but this team is solid and with the athleticism I saw on defense, they are going to shock a lot of people. Kyra Fennell and Shyler Reyna came up with big plays but the highlight of the game came from Brittany Rodgers who will be on the Tip Sheet later