Thursday, April 10, 2014

Georgia Pearls runner-up in 7th Grade Division #ATLShowcase

Like I said earlier, the Georgia Pearls had talent on multiple teams and like their 5th place team that made it to ATL Showcase final playing a year up, the 6th grade team did the same. The battle of the small point guards was one of my highlights, yes my highlights because when I small guards that simply get 'it" and get after it both ends, that will develop into strong leadership ability running the point as they progress

No Phil Collins, but Genesis Bryant did a little bit of everything. Her BB IQ is ahead of her time, she's athletic, split defenders handled the ball went behind her back and threw bullets between defenders, one after going behind her back. Christina Walker also went to the rim with authority while Jakia Cornelius, Dorthea Ruffin and Mya Geddis all gave valuable minutes

Jasmine Jacobs also did a good job of attacking the basket, she's quick and can defend. Christina Walker set up defenders nicely and took them off the dribble, lot's of upside among this group, well the whole team for that matter. Jordan Jackson and Daja Powell are ahead of the game because they are coordinated at their size and both are fearless. Jackson may be a little more rugged in the paint but both show they have the potential to create issues for opponents inside