Friday, April 18, 2014

All even more well as '16 Schnell heads to Boo

I chose the picture with Cori Schnell wearing Eagles warm-up top simply because the Under The Radar sophomore just simply keeps amazing me with things I'm finding out. At Prime Time Nationals, I watch Cori score on an array of moves in which I immediately moved her to the "scorer" category because she simply finds ways to put the ball in the basket

After another successful school year at Prince of Peace, she became the first player from the school to score 1000 points or more as a sophomore, boy or girl and I just learned she was MVP of the district. On top of all that, she's on course to be valedictorian of her class

Schnell is rolling with DFW Elite now, she's showing she can do what I saw her do against all competition plus she's added a little something to her repertoire so she'll be doing her thing at Boo Williams