Friday, April 18, 2014

Texas 2016 popping

As I sit here updating the list of talented players throughout the state, I'm simply overwhelmed with the talent and I had a brief conversation via email regarding just how many of these players had not only offers on the table, but BCS offers

Parents since the turn of the century I haven't had one college coach call, text or email asking how many points player X scored or if team ABC won, I rarely even remember because all I'm doing is trying to identify players that can play at the next level and at what level, that's it

I know several players that have averaged over 20 ppg that were not as good as those averaging under 10 ppg, always remember it's not what you do, it's who you do it against and several of these players not averaging double-digits have offers from high majors

If your child is receiving letters, that means more than likely someone noticed them, it doesn't mean they have an offer or that they are being recruited and the reason I used "more than likely" is because as little as five years ago, I was receiving letters saying how well I played at XYZ event. My eligibility ran out a few decades ago and contrary to whatever, I'm not even a female

I am all over the state and now thanks to Prime Time Sports, I'm truly everywhere observing talent. I know where the bar has been set so before you take bad advice or think you know, check with someone who knows and has been through it