Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'16 Alexia Torres ready for weekend action

I crossed paths with the San Antonio Islanders so many times last season until I almost had every player memorized. This was and still is a very exciting filled with talented players that will be playing somewhere after their high school careers are over. This is also a throwback type of squad filled with smarts and skills to go along with that talent and when they get going, they can simply put up  numbers very quickly iun fact I've seen them erase double digit deficits in a little over a minute, do the math

2016 Under The Radar Alexia Torres is vital to what this team does, she can score, from just anywhere, she can handle the ball, sees the floor and knows how to not only create for herself but her teammates as she sees the floor very well. Torres also does something that  really love watching players do, well she does a lot of things I love watching them do but her ability to play the passing lane for steals is something I truly enjoy

I'll catch Torres and her teammates this weekend at the Heart Of Texas but in case you want a preview, her ya go