Thursday, April 17, 2014

Texas Elite Hampton tuning up at #PrimeTime

Another solid team I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of is a team I'm expecting a lot from and that's Texas Elite Hampton who has a nice mix of talented players. Bailey Carpenter is tough, in more ways than one. She did a great job at getting to the basket and finishing with contact, sometimes hard contact. Maddison Spears, hey wait, Minta, okay that explains the bombs as she is what I call a zone buster.

Shaquila Anderson also did a good job of attacking from everywhere, in fact several players from the team just were relentless going inside like Addison Garcia and Gabby Nelson as well. Garcia ran the floor well on the break, Nelson used her length to create issues on both ends and Keosha Wilburn was sometimes overpowering. I thought Brittany Perraut saw the floor well and got of some jams with her ball-handling while Patricia Jacobs just brought so much energy to the team