Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elite Lady Jaguars at #PrimeTime

Tia Parks and Tysheunna Hawthorne asked me if I remembered them and I said NO. One of them responded 23 and 22 and I responded Jordan and Drexler and they looked at me like "is he crazy" but yes I definitely remembered the performance they put on at Prime Time Nationals last season. Both are extremely athletic and can simply change the momentum of a game. Parks simply outruns opponents 20 feet ahead of her, she's a treat in the open court while Hawthorne is simply an and one waiting to happen

I didn't get to see as much of them as I wanted but I definitely saw that they are even more potent than last season. Lizzy Siddons showed me some highlights in a short span of time along with unlimited range. Jasmine Sutton was a defensive nightmare coming up with steal after steal and Shayla Parks has the potential to be overpowering. I'll catch back up with the Lady Jaguars who are definitely showing Elite potential