Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Panthers on prowl at #PrimeTime

The Panthers were another team I caught at the Prime Time event that simply didn't know what the word quit meant. The jumped out on you and kept the heat going throughout the game and to do this, you have to have players that not only buy into your system but also players who can play and they had some. Grace Pendergrass might not be a singer but she definitely topped some charts on Saturday. Although she's undersized, she doesn't realize it and her toughness enabled her to battle with taller opponents, her ability to finish was simply amazing from the angles she did it from and she also played the passing lanes extremely well. Caitlin Lennon handled the pressure well, saw the floor even better and to top that off, created easy shots for her teammates. Brianna Weiissert was also a threat, she ran the floor well, has a good strong frame and finished. After further review,  this was the Alba Golden school team out of Alba and they will be on my list to see again