Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Peak Performance Blue at #ATLShowcase

Nothing like having a team with good players that are also scrappy and don't know what the word quit means is how I would describe this talented young team full of freshmen. Moriah Hopkins and Lexi Mann both have reached the magic number of 6'0 but they play even bigger. Hopkins is longer, she has a huge upside and I say that while adding she can hit the mid-range and finish right now. Mann has defenders thinking "oh Man" I have to hold her I bet. She's super strong and loves to bang inside

Gabrielle Mills showed she could shoot it from the outside, Charley Amissah-Reyes finished well while Saige Cornick-Turpin knew how to get to the rim while adding a floater. Simone Williams, Joy Stucker and Joan Messina all showed plenty of potential on this already talented team