Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 #Japreece HOT Tip Sheet

Japreece Dean

The Heart Of Texas had around 300 teams which equates to close to 3000 players and basically this tournament was used to evaluate players, some that I hadn't seen and probably won't see again this season and many which I had seen to see how they progressed. I didn't cover the Heart Of Texas, they have an excellent staff that did a great job, I especially like what Mark Williams is doing as far as the streaming of video and play by play.

I'm contracted out to cover events, this is my business,  I have my own unique way of spotting talent, it's as simple as that however I wanted to throw a few names at you that happened to stand out while I was watching

Napeesha Collier


Japreece Dean (Team Express)- This young lady always brought energy on both ends, her toughness was answered when she played on a bruised ankle almost the size of an during a holiday tournament. She can score from the outside and is a blur with one of the quickest first steps in the state

Tahnia McDaniel (Lady AllStar Donnie)-I was impressed when I watched her video but I stayed glued to watching her live as she can score multiple ways under various conditions. Long and athletic, she rebounds well on both ends and can defend

Napheesa Collier (Missouri Phenoms) Just simply blew me away as she was almost unstoppable offensively. 6'1, long and strong, whether it was in the paint from a variety of ways or hitting the 12-15 footer, she was definitely on

Ashlan Miles


Mercedes Brooks (Texas Express Brooks) Super athlete that can play basketball is the best way to put it. She's relentless going to the basket and battles for everything in the paint on both ends and I mean battle. Just for fun, she showed she could drop it mid or long range

Ashlan Miles (Heroes Elite)- Sometimes it's the little things you don't see in the box score that makes players stand out but trust me, Miles is legit. She can score and defend baseline to baseline and her energy level never seems to go down as she's simply everywhere and never takes a play off

Amber Ramirez (SA Finest) -I knew she was a big time player before she entered high school and as usual I was correct. Whatever doubts anyone has about this young lady is answered every time she steps on the court and whether it's making her teammates better or taking when needed, she simply get's it done


Kayla Wells (Arlington Swoosh) I saw this young multiple times last season and was amazed at what she did and the upside she had. Wells has taken her game to another level, she's around the magic number and she making magic happen on the floor, scoring close to 10 points in a little over a minute to pull her team in striking distance gives you an idea, or it should

Tori Williams (Hoop Dreams Black) I got an assist on catching this kid from Mark and I'm glad I did because she is definitely legit. Ball-handling, court vision, off the dribble, scoring from anywhere , sees the floor, check, check, quadruple check